Meet Kelli, Instructor

Meet Danielle, Owner & Instructor

Kelli is the newest member of the LD4Y team joining us in the summer of 2017  As a stay-at-home mom to her one year old daughter and new resident to Northern Virginia, Kelli found line dancing as good way to get out of the house and have some "me" time while making new friends.  She quickly fell in love with it and jumped at the opportunity to join the team when the opportunity arose.

Danielle met Kelli on a rare Saturday class at Bunkers while teaching a special advanced class.  After the lesson, as we were about to start the music, Danielle noticed a spunky red head had jumped in that wasn't there for lessons.  Naturally, Danielle figured she was just unaware of the level of dance/lesson and informed her, but Kelli replied, "Oh no, I've been practicing at home and dying to do this one!"  Once the music started, she proved that she had done her homework well and aced the dance.  Her enthusiasm and excitement for dance stood out in Danielle's mind, so when it came time to add another instructor to the team, both she and Brandi immediately thought of Kelli and thank goodness they did because she's a true rising star!

Kelli teaches at Uptown Alley in Manassas every Friday night (starting 9/8/17), at Touch of Texas in West Virginia (start date TBD) every Wednesday night, at private events and will be the face of LD4Y in Prince William and Berkeley Counties!

Brandi joined the LD4Y team in early 2016.  With 16 years as a Jazzercise instructor, including owning her own studio, a love for country music and line dancing, Brandi was a natural fit to join the LD4Y team.  

Danielle met Brandi through joint students.  Danielle was hired to teach at Brandi's country themed birthday party in early 2016.  Toward the end of the party, Brandi and her fellow Jazzercise instructors took the stage and led the group in some Jazzercise moves and Danielle was so impressed with her energy, enthusiasm and ability to make exercise so much fun for everyone.  Brandi has attended many LD4Y classes and was very familiar with our format, so it was an easy transition to bring her pep and spirit to our team.

Brandi teaches primarily at Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg every Monday night, at private events and will be the face of LD4Y in Loudoun county.

Meet Brandi, Instructor

Danielle started teaching line dancing in the Spring of 2005 at Ned Devine’s in Sterling, VA (now closed). She started coming on her own and became a regular, making some lifelong friends along the way. When an opening came up to co-instruct, she was offered the opportunity and jumped on it. Months later, her fellow instructor hung up his boots to pursue other opportunities and she continued on.  From then on, she has taught at Ned Devine’s in Centreville, VA, Mahalo Cove in Sterling, VA, Waters Edge in Occoquan, VA and our current "home venue", Revolution Rock & Billiards (formerly Fast Eddie’s) in Centreville.  

Danielle is also a choreographer of more than a dozen line dances.  Check out her work on our Step Sheet page.

Danielle coordinates and choreographs special event performances.  She currently teaches every Tuesday at the Revolution Darts & Billiards Lounge in Centreville.  She is available for weddings, private events and parties.